How to remove an unwanted keyboard layout in Windows?

This tutorial explains how to remove an unwanted keyboard layout in Windows.

This is the correct solution provided that the PC is installed in one language.

  • Click on the Windows-button and click Settings
  • Navigate to Time & Language > Region & Language
  • On this location you will see your Windows display language
  • Click on it to reveal the Options button
  • Click the Options button
  • In the options you will see al your keyboards listed
  • Click on the one you want to remove by clicking the Remove button
  • Now, your unwanted Keyboard Layout is deleted

If you want to remove the unwanted keyboard layout afterwards you need to know that every profile that logs in again will reload all the layouts.

  • You can do this by opening the control panel, choosing region
  • Under the tab Administrative, click Copy settings under Welcome screen and new user accounts
  • Under Copy your current settings to, enable Welcome screen and system accounts and New user accounts
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