How to create user account using command prompt in Windows?

This tutorial explains how to create user account using commond prompt in Windows.

  • When you have a Windows Home Edition, you don’t have the possibility to create an User Account with Computer Management or Lusrmgr.msc
  • For this tutorial, we used a Windows Pro Edition to show you this solution helps.
  • We opened Computer Management (Right click on the Windows-button and select Computer Management)
  • Then, we selected the folder Users.
  • There you have an overview of the Local User Accounts on your pc
  • Open Command Prompt as Administrator by clicking on the Windows-button and start typing CMD (Right click on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator)
  • Type: net user testuser test /add and press Enter (User: testuser – Password: test)
  • When you refresh the Users in Computer Management, you’ll see a new Local User Account: testuser with password test
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